Sheepdrove Eco Conference Centre

Meetings are a real part of corporate life, and it’s a good thing that nowadays, they can be a lot kinder to the environment thanks to the help of technology. Many meetings take place over the Internet, for example, so there’s no need for people to rush over from one country or coast to another just to talk business and strategies with colleagues.

Conferences are a different story, though. With usually a large number of participants and all the distance traveled to reach the venue, it is not the most eco-friendly activity. People can try to reduce the environmental impact in other ways, though, like staying in a place that emphasizes the need to respect the environment and explore more healthful food options. Sheepdrove Eco Conference Center is one such venue, providing a location and rooms made with sustainable materials as well as organic meals. Owned by Peter and Juliet Kinderlsey, the conference center is part of the Sheepdrove Organic Farm, which prides itself on being one of the U.K.’s top sources of organic meats and vegetables.

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