Saving green by driving green

Fuel saving tips for this Memorial Day weekend:

  • Regular car maintenance keeps your vehicle operating at maximum efficiency. Keeping tires inflated to recommended pressure improves gas mileage by 6%. Keeping wheels aligned improves fuel economy by 10%. Keep air and fuel filters clean.
  • Clean out the trunk or cargo area. Pack lightly for vacations or weekend trips.Extra weight cuts fuel economy.
  • Change your driving habits. Don’t speed, avoid sudden braking. Accelerate gradually and drive smoothly. If you have a navigation system, use it to avoid getting lost and wasting gas. Don’t idle. Idling uses more fuel than turning the engine off. Park and go inside instead of waiting at the drive thru.
  • Combine errands into one trip or organize stops so you don’t have to retrace your route. Avoid rush hour if possible and plan the driving route to avoid congested areas.
  • Keep airconditioner off in slow city traffic.
  • Walk, bike, carpool or use mass transit.

Take time to remember those who died in the service of their country.

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