Samsung Intensity III boasts some green details

Samsung Intensity IIICool, I thought this type of phone design died out already. Phone designs were much more interesting before and they even came in different colors, plus their looks were instantly recognizable. Of course, it’s hard to get crazy with the design of smartphones.

Anyway, this is the Samsung Intensity III from Verizon Wireless. If you’re not keen on all the super-powerful smartphones available these days and still love the feel of buttons under your fingers, this doesn’t look like a bad choice at all.

So what makes it green? The phone is composed of 80% post-consumer plastics and polycarbonate. It also comes in minimal packaging which features recycled paper and soy ink. The Samsung Intensity III can also be a partner in your effort to live an eco-friendlier life because it has an eco-calculator app which you can use to monitor your carbon footprint. Another good thing about this phone is that it complies with military standards and can endure shock, low pressure, vibration, sand, and heat and cold, among others. With a phone this sturdy, there’s little chance of you breaking it and needing to get a new one.

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