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Next Tuesday, November 24th, when we release our 24th annual Trouble in Toyland survey, we’ll also release a new interactive smart phone website to help you avoid common hazards and report potential dangers you find on toy store shelves, right from your mobile phone.

We’ll send the link directly to you but we also want to get this out to as many parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents and others in time for holiday shopping. This information only helps protect kids if it gets into more people’s hands, so help us make sure your friends and family are in the know.

Please forward this e-mail widely, and click here to sign-up for our toy safety alerts.

The website, designed for web-enabled mobile phones as well as home computers, will provide tips on three categories of toy hazards: toys that may pose choking hazards, toys that are excessively loud, and toys that contain the toxic chemicals lead and phthalates.

Some good news is that progress has been made on toy safety in the past year, thanks to a new U.S. PIRG-backed law overhauling the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Unfortunately, according to the CPSC’s most recent data, toy-related injuries still sent more than 82,000 children under the age of five to emergency rooms in 2008. That’s why U.S. PIRG developed this simple interactive tool that allows shoppers to check on possible hazards while at the store, as well as report hazards they find.

Here’s to a happy and safe holiday season.

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