Reduce packaging waste

Did you know that half or even more than half of what we throw away is packaging? Now if only all of them are recyclable, we’d be helping reduce those mountains of trash.

Before you buy something, eyeball the amount of cardboard, plastic and/or other materials used for the item. Be conscious of overpackaged materials.

I read somewhere before (can’t remember where) that’s it’s best to choose reusable and/or refillable over disposable. A good example would be shampoo and conditioner. You can buy it in bulk and transfer some in refillable containers.

Software companies heeded the call for smaller packaging. Hopefully, we can get warehouse clubs to reduce their packaging too.

Lastly, do you order items online and have them delivered at home? These items are usually overpackaged. Reuse the boxes! Remove the labels and reuse them as much as you can. Up until it can’t take it anymore. Better yet, e-mail the customer service of the company you ordered from. Tell them nicely to send items safely without overdoing the packaging.

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