Recycled bags

BazuraShop* sells bags made from recycled juice containers, banners, posters, and foils, all made by a women’s cooperative in the Philippines.

A woman named Marina Beltran was also recently featured in Entrepreneur Philippines. She started her own bag-making business with only P300 ($6.25) as her start-up capital, and they’re all made from recycled foil packs, too.

Now that’s a useful way to deal with trash. I remember seeing a bag like this back in college, not necessarily a BazuraShop one, but one that’s also made from juice packs and it looked so unusual back then that everyone was asking the girl carrying the bag where she got it. It was great to see people fawning over a bag made from everyday materials for a change.

Bag photo taken from the BazuraShop website.

* ‘Bazura’ is taken from the Spanish-derived Filipino word basura, which means ‘garbage.’

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