Rechargeable batteries are love

Does it sound stupid that I only switched to rechargeable batteries recently? It probably does. I’ve known for a long time that disposable batteries are definitely not environmentally friendly and are extremely wasteful, but because buying a battery charger and the batteries as well always seemed to expensive to me, I kept using the disposables.

I only realized how foolish that is when I thought of how many batteries I discard and how much money a new pack costs. Hence, my switch to rechargeables.

Think about it. Have you ever wondered what happens to disposable batteries after you’ve used them up and thrown them away? Unless you take them to companies offering battery recycling, they mostly end up in the landfills, and just imagine all the chemicals inside each one of them.

Rechargeable batteries are considered a lot better than their disposable relatives, although they’re not the most perfect alternative. Hybrid batteries have yet to emerge as the bright new superstar of batteries, though, so I suppose for now, we can make do with rechargeables.

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