Everyone was understandably thrilled when plastic sandwich bags came out, particularly the ones that you can secure. However, most people just tend to use one bag then toss it out after use, even if it was still fairly clean and the crumbs just had to be shaken out. Washing used plastic sandwich bags has also become a good option, but they do get worn over time and you’d still have to throw them out.

Repac BagsEnter Re-Pac, which offers small, medium, and large reusable bags made of water-resistant fabrics. The creators of Re-Pac found that cotton wasn’t a very good option, since it grows mold over time, and so Re-Pac is made with 100% polyester on the outside and a 100% nylon lining. Apart from carrying food, you can pretty much use it for anything, from carrying your travel essentials to using it as a bag organizer. Gamers Daily News also shares that the bags can also be used to store your video game accessories.

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