Quit opening the refrigerator!

Is it just me or do you also pass by the kitchen, open the refrigerator and check out what’s in there? Then you realize that you don’t need anything there, so you close it and move on. Minutes later, you’re back again in front of the refrigerator, perusing the contents…as if the contents have changed in the last few minutes since you’ve looked inside! Are you as guilty of this nasty habit as I am? The sad thing is, I know exactly what’s inside the refrigerator. I also know that I don’t want anything from there. I’m just checking if something will appeal to me.

I know this not-so-nice habit takes a toll on our energy bills. I’m trying to mind my refrigerator manners. I’m also teaching myself, “leave the refrigerator alone. Stop opening and closing it.” I remind myself to get what I need in one take.

Just an FYI though. Did you know that keeping your refrigerator full is actually good for it? It doesn’t waste energy because there is less space to cool when the space is used up. Who knew? Don’t go overboard in filling it up though. Then your refrigerator will start exerting effort in cooling everything.

By the way, I learned about a refrigerator magnet that checks your energy consumption through this website. I can’t find a picture of it. What a great idea, especially considering how many people out there collect magnets to stick on their refrigerators. At least this magnet would be informative too.

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