Protect the Hudson

From PIRG‘s Anna Aurilio:

“The Hudson River is one of New York’s treasures — a home to wildlife, a place to enjoy with our families and an asset to our economy.

Unfortunately, polluters have been given a free pass to pollute in the streams that feed the Hudson and many of the rivers, lakes and streams across our state.

It’s time to protect the Hudson and all of New York’s waters. Click here to join me in telling Congress to take tough action now.

We know why our rivers and streams are threatened. Recent Bush-era rollbacks to the Clean Water Act have swept away 30 years of protections for streams, lakes and wetlands across the country.

We know that polluters are taking advantage of the loopholes in the Clean Water Act. Right now, industrial facilities are dumping in our rivers and paving over our wetlands.

Fortunately, the answers are just as clear: Congress needs to step up and finally reverse the rollbacks to the Clean Water Act as soon as possible. Without timely action, the EPA estimates that 20 million acres of wetlands across the United States could lose protection.

While the Senate has introduced legislation to strengthen protections, our leaders in the House still need to stand up for America’s waters.”

Thank you for taking action.

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