“Print 20% less, save the environment: San Francisco’s new tech zeitgeist”

The article Print 20% less, save the environment: San Francisco’s new tech zeitgeist began with:

“San Francisco wants to cut its paper use in offices by 20% as part of its new environmental strategy for the city. So how do you get employees to print less?

Answer: Take away their desktop printers.”

Sometimes really, the solution is so simple, we just don’t see it. I want to say, “what a novel idea”, but really, it’s common sense. How come I didn’t think of that in the workplace? Last I checked, people were even asking for personal printers to be placed at their respective desks and cubicles!

Even here at home, the mere location of our printer makes me think twice about printing. I work in the third floor of our home. The printer’s in the first floor. Call me lazy, but I’d rather not go up and down the stairs to pick up my print-outs. And no, I never even thought of buying a printer for the third floor. I just find myself printing only what I need.

Anyway, I wish San Francisco will go for this at full steam. I also hope the other major cities will follow suit. Why not give it a try?

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