Prince Charles beamed all the way to Abu Dhabi

Prince Charles, widely known as the green prince, delivered a speech at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi without leaving England–he appeared as a hologram during the event, his speech having been pre-recorded in November.

Prince Charles has been building up a solid reputation as an advocate for the environment, making plenty of changes to his homes and improving the way he travels. This is just another way for him to cut back on carbon emissions and it looks like it was quite a success, garnering positive reactions from people.

But he’s not the first one to do this, by the way. Al Gore was also projected as a hologram at last year’s Live Earth concert in Tokyo.

It would be really cool when people start doing this, although those who are expecting a personal appearance from politicians would probably be disappointed. 🙂 Still, it’d probably be worth it to see something groundbreaking like that.

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