Primo Water – A Sip of Perfection

Primo Water looks like any good ol’ bottled water out there in the market.

Until you read the label. And check out their website.

The label says “American Grown Bottle”. Of course, it’s not the bottle per se that’s American-grown, but the corn from which the bottle is made from. I’ve never heard of a plastic water bottle made from corn. Unusual. It piqued my curiosity.

The label also says “Made from corn, not crude oil”. Ok, I like corn. I don’t like crude oil. Not when it comes to containing something I drink, anyway. Point in favor of Primo Water. What’s more, corn is a renewable resource; crude oil isn’t. Another point for Primo Water.

Hopping on to Primo Water website, I discovered that the bottle is made from Ingeo™ natural plastic. What is that, you may ask. According to their FAQs:

“What is Ingeo?
“Ingeo™ is the brand name for the performance plastic derived from plants and marketed by NatureWorks LLC. It is clear and strong like petroleum-based plastic, providing great consumer appeal and environmental benefits for products such as Primo water.”

Just for the eco-friendly bottle alone, Primo Water is the clear choice for bottled water in the market today. But they also made sure that the water tastes great.

Well done, Primo Water Corporation of Winston-Salem, NC.

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