Plea for Green: An Open Letter to Computer Companies

Dear Computer Companies,

Thank you for making laptops lighter and desktops streamlined. Thank you for SFF desktops and LCD flat panel displays. Thank you for your recycling and trade-in programs. Thank you for the different designs and styles that allow us to express our individuality.

Now, why not focus on making computers more energy-efficient? How about exploring alternative power sources to keep our computers running? It would also be great if you can decrease or totally eliminate toxic substances when manufacturing computers. Who knows what the effects are of these toxic substances to us, computer power users? Do aim for Energy Star ratings. We actually pay attention to them. Let’s not forget about unnecessary packaging – it’s something that can be improved. I’m sure there are many brilliant minds out there who can come up with something.

Sure, we’re willing to pay more for environment-friendly computers, but do we really have to? Why not make such computers the standard? We have the purchasing power. Believe it or not, most of us want to do the responsible thing – buy environment-friendly equipment that we can use efficiently. We’ll support you. You know we will. Don’t worry, once we’ve outgrown our computers, we’ll do our part in helping them move on. We will reuse (if possible), donate or recycle it.

We’re all in this together. Create them and we will buy.

From a Green Unlimited Computer User

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