Play Rethink

Have you ever sat down and started to think about the ways many other things in the world could be much more eco-friendly? You can get a chance to throw your ideas around with friends by playing Play Rethink. Each card in the game poses a question/challenge for you to come up with environmentally friendly alternatives to a product, or a better way to create that product.

You spin the wheel. You take your chances. You get a card with a brief to rethink a particular everyday object. It might be a chair. Crikey, it might be a vacuum-cleaner. You rack your brains. You stare out the window. You scratch your head. You have a flash of inspiration! You write / draw / doodle your idea onto the card. You show me yours. I show you mine!

It will help if you know about the manufacturing processes of everyday things (furniture, clothes, etc.), but if you have a good enough imagination or understanding of environmental issues, you can get by just fine. This is one game that will really make people think (or rethink, as it were)!

Via Inhabitat

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