Pink goes good with Green

From the Hybrid blog:

The Union of Concerned Scientists’ is launching an “Earth Day Challenge” on Valentine’s Day with Bill Nye the Science Guy. The Hybrid Center is your go-to place for information on hybrid vehicles, from specs to incentives to clean car policies. If you’re a hybrid owner, join the HybridCenter’s “Who’s Got Hybrids?” feature–a “real world resource” of pictures and testimonials from hybrid owners around the nation. The goal is 1000 hybrid owners on the site by Earth Day–April 22. Click here to join.

Even If you don’t own a hybrid, you can still join the HybridCenter Driving Change Network. Members will receive special HybridCenter updates, action alerts, and opportunities to make the world a better place.

You may know some hybrid owners and clean car enthusiasts, too. So pass this along to other friends. Getting to that 1000 hybrid goal by April 22 will take a team effort, so please click here to pass the Earth Day Challenge along.

Have a green Valentine!

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