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From Environment New York:

Change is in the air.

After a long election season and months of headlines about our failing economy, I for one am ready for a big change.

As you know, we endorsed President-elect Barack Obama in his run for the White House because his environmental record indicated he could be the change we need to see on energy, global warming and so many other environmental issues.

In a speech to governors earlier this week, he called for more investment and support for clean energy solutions for America. He said:

“When I am President, any governor who’s willing to promote clean energy will have a partner in the White House. Any company that’s willing to invest in clean energy will have an ally in Washington.”

Will you join with us to show President-elect Obama that we support his efforts to repower America?

From the big cities of the coasts to the industrial heartland to our rural communities, the slumping economy is taking its toll.

We need to rebuild our economy on a sound foundation — one that ends our dependence on oil, puts people back to work, contributes to long-term prosperity, rebuilds our communities and addresses global warming.

Clean energy is the way to do it. Nationwide, we have the technology, the tools, and the know-how to use energy more wisely and to get more of our energy from clean, renewable sources.

What’s more, clean energy can be produced right here at home, freeing us from foreign sources of energy and creating new jobs in all sectors of the nation’s economy — after all, installing solar panels on your roof isn’t a job that can be shipped overseas.

But in order to see the change we need to repower our country with clean energy, we need to get started now — even before the president-elect takes office, so that starting on day one of the new administration and new Congress, we can hit the ground running and start seeing the benefits of a clean energy economy.

Tell President-elect Obama that you support his efforts to repower America. And forward this message to friends so that he knows that Americans support him in fixing our economy with clean energy.

To start creating green jobs and new economic opportunities, we need to act boldly — and fast. With a strong policy commitment to clean energy and the investment to match, we can do it. It starts with you.

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