Party it up with Sustainable Dance Club

There just seems to be no stopping the march of the green movement to change every aspect of our lives. Now, even clubbing can go green. Sustainable Dance Club offers great options that allow dance clubs to green their venues. Club Watt in Rotterdam is the first dance club to implement their environmental practices and it looks like more club owners are getting interested in the concept.

So what things can make a dance club more eco-friendly anyway? According to SDC,

  • 30% less environmental impact than average clubs
  • Sustainability integrated in both building and organisation
  • Installation of 3 SDC spectaculars that show sustainability to the public (Energy Generating Dance Floor/ Zero Waste Bar/ Waterwall etc)
  • Communication plan on how to inform the public about sustainability
  • Sustainable business plan with yearly targets and evaluation

But the biggest and most unusual step they’ve taken is to actually make use of the clubbers themselves to generate energy for the place! Click here to find out more about how SDC works.

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