Paper cuts

I read that the paper industry is the third largest source of global warming pollutants. Aside from producing greenhouse gases and cutting down trees that absorb carbon dioxide, paper is often bleached with chlorine. Chlorine produces even more harmful chemicals such as cancer-causing dioxin. These substances can seep into soil and water. Save paper by using both sides and using scrap paper when possible. Use the bulletin board or email at work or school instead of sending individual notices. Print single space and use the back side. Buy recycled paper. The paper should be at least 30% post-consumer waste. Or buy paper without chlorine bleach. PCF (processed chlorine free) should be your first choice as this is used in recycled paper. If you’re buying unrecycled paper, look for the TCF (totally chlorine free)label. Check your bank and other account statements online and print only what you have to. Collect paper that can be reused or better yet, set up recycling bins or folders.

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