Norquest Bags

Norquest Bags

Why is it that I always find myself writing about bags here? 😀 Stupid question to ask really, being a big fan of bags and also annoyed at the fact that reusable bags have yet to gain popularity over here.

Anyway, I found Norquest Bags today, a company from India which manufactures reusable bags of all sorts. The story of how they got started was pretty cool, with an event that spurred the interest of Rajiv Badlani, the man behind this company.

When she was 8, my daughter Kaajal came home from school and told us we were not to use plastic bags any more. Her tone was determined and her chin was set. It was clear that this was not a negotiable issue.

Great to see that this isn’t just catching on in the Western world, but in other countries, too. Now if only we’d get moving on this issue here.

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