Non toxic living

Everyday we are exposed to various man made chemicals. Environmental illnesses, breathing problems, chemical sensitivities are on the rise. Symptoms may include exhaustion, headaches, asthma or hay fever, dizziness, nausea,vomiting, stomach cramps,loss of concentration, rashes, muscle aches, heart palpitations. How to clean up your personal and living space? Avoid all scented products such as perfumes, potpourri,aftershaves. Avoid all dryer sheets, fabric softeners, scented detergents. Use only non toxic cleaning and personal care products. Eat organic foods and avoid all pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides. Avoid processed foods and do not consume anything with aspartame. Use 100% cotton or wool bed linens; wear natural fiber clothing (100% cotton, wool, silk or linen). Avoid permanent press or wrinkle resistant fabrics as they have been treated with formaldehyde that doesn’t wash off. Store food in glass jars instead of plastic containers. Plants such as spider plants, philodendron, aloe vera can help purify your home. Open your windows. 9 out of 10 breaths are most likely taken indoors. Outdoor air is still less toxic than indoor air.

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