Nissan’s ECO Pedal

Have you heard about Nissan‘s ECO Pedal system? Check out their press release “World First ECO Pedal Helps Reduce Fuel Consumption – Nissan ECO Pedal system to be commercialized by 2009 –“. And look at the ECO Pedal meter on the left.

Considering it seems impossible to give up on cars altogether, I suppose it’s good that they came up with such a technology. I bet it would be interesting to feel your car’s pedal push back when you’re wasting fuel. Like your car is telling you to, “go easy, man!” It ought to stop you from speeding. Or at least it’ll slow you down more often. It also might teach you how to drive more efficiently than you do now. It DOES have an on/off switch, perhaps to give people a choice.

Image from Nissan’s press release.

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