New green computers and LCD monitors announced

Good news on the green computer front! More and more computer manufacturers are coming out with eco-friendly versions of their products.

NEC, for example, has released two new LCD monitors: the 24-inch MultiSync EA241WM widescreen monitor and 19-inch MultiSync EA191M standard display. The monitors earned a Gold and Silver EPEAT rating, respectively, and also boast NEC’s ECO mode, which allows you to lower power consumption, and they also have a carbon footprint meter.

Lenovo has also released the ThinkVision 193p, which attained a Gold EPEAT rating and has plastic parts made out of post-consumer recycled materials.

Finally, we have Samsung’s MV100 Tower and MZ100 Slim Tower, which both use up 60W of power when in use. No word yet on its other eco-specs, but if the 60W power consumption is one of its main selling points, then it sounds like a pretty promising start.

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