National Parks Pass AND carbon offsets

From Better World Club:

Better World Club Is Now Selling National Park Annual Passes Bundled with FREE Carbon Offsets!

Better World Club is proud to partner with the National Park Service by offering National Park Annual Passes to BWC members.

Though we would prefer to offer them at a discount, we are required to sell the passes at the full retail rate of $80. We can, however, bundle the passes with cool, free stuff.

With that in mind, we’re happy to announce that BWC members will receive offsets for one ton of carbon emissions when they purchase annual passes through us.

The one-ton carbon offset has a retail value of $11, and will help lessen your carbon footprint as you drive through the Everglades or Redwood National Park or Yosemite or the Grand Canyon or Crater Lake or Death Valley or Yellowstone (you get the idea).

Passes can be purchased through our Member Site.


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