MyBag Cares

Last year, Anya Hindmarch’s “I’m Not A Plastic Bag” bag was the toast of Hollywood, the fashion world, and the green movement. Celebrities who were eager to flaunt their eco-friendliness, genuinely eco-friendly, or who simply wanted to be trendy carried the tote around for some time, prominently displaying the “I’m Not A Plastic Bag” sign emblazoned on the bag. It inspired people to rethink their plastic bag usage and also gave rise to not a few knock-offs, with some of them even proclaiming, “I’m A Canvas Bag.” (And it’s true too. I should’ve taken pictures.)

This year, another bag is set to hit the scene: MyBag Cares, a reusable bag made from natural fibers that also supports tree-planting projects through the Arbor Day Foundation. Celebrities like Kelly Ripa and Joel McHale, one of my personal dreamboats, are fans of the bag as well.

Do I love the bag? the project itself? Part of me wishes that bags quit being made to display some cutesy statement on how aware and involved they are, but I do know that it’s part of what it takes to get people’s attention. Besides, any effort to promote reusable bags is admirable and should be supported.

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