My green resolutions

Here are my green resolutions for 2009. Some are really easy to do, which makes me wonder why I haven’t really implemented it.

  1. Use our car more efficiently. Keep tires properly inflated. Keep trunk clean. Plan trips wisely.
  2. Dispose of old cellphones.
  3. Set my laptop to either hibernate or standby, if I can’t turn it off (goodness knows why not!).
  4. Start using eco-friendly dishwashing detergents (once I’ve determined what to use).
  5. Shower quickly.
  6. Bring our reusable bag when we go grocery shopping. (I keep forgetting!)
  7. Return the grocery plastic bags to grocery stores for recycling. (yes, they offer that option.)
  8. Be vigilant in reminding companies not to excessively wrap/package their items. Maybe a simple e-mail will do.
  9. Get rid of household cleaning items that are bad, bad, bad.
  10. Start using organic shampoo, hair conditioner, body wash, etcetera.

If you care to share your 2009 green resolutions, e-mail us here at Green Unlimited or leave a comment.

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