My green resolutions for 2011

Happy new year everyone! I made some green resolutions for 2008 and 2009, although curiously not for 2010, though that may have been because I’d forgotten to post. So what are my green resolutions for 2011?

1. Eat less! This will do wonders for my weight and at the same time, keep me from generating waste from the food packaging.
2. Go online for shorter periods of time. This hasn’t been easy to do thanks to the distraction that is Tumblr, but I’ll certainly do my best. Great way to reduce energy bills and use, and allows me to play a more responsible role in staving off the energy crisis that always rolls around here every summer.
3. Get more household, beauty, and personal products from stores like these two.
4. Continue bringing my reusable bags everywhere, and buy a couple of bigger ones for big trips to the supermarket.
5. Change the incandescent lights by the front door. Just found out that there are CFL bulbs that come in warm white, which give off a warm, yellowish glow.
6. I will forever be a meat eater, but I will also try more vegan fare.
7. Cook at home more frequently.

What changes are you planning to make to green up your lifestyle?

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