My green resolutions for 2009

My sister just posted her go-greener resolutions for this year, and while I told myself I wouldn’t make resolutions for 2009, making an effort to be greener is a pretty good idea. I didn’t get to achieve some of my resolutions for 2008, so for 2009, I’ll work on the ones I failed to do as well as

  • use less air conditioning (it has been spectacularly easy to do this lately because of the much cooler weather we’re having in the Philippines, but it will be a challenge some the scorching summer months)
  • start recycling plastics (many thanks to Papemelroti’s list of recycling centers)
  • be more vigilant about plugged-in appliances around the house
  • always keep a reusable bag in the car
  • make an effort to reach out to local supermarkets and suggest that they start allowing the use of reusable bags

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