Miss Earth 2007

The Miss Earth pageant is held annually in order to highlight the importance of working for the environment, but most especially, this event features young women–the “beauties for a cause”–who are actively involved in environmental issues. I’ve expressed my disapproval for this event in another blog last year, and I’m going to repeat it again here, hehe.

Miss Earth is supposed to be all about the environment. Okay, that’s a nice and noble thing. But isn’t this pageant simply contributing more carbon emissions? I tried to look for any information on the Miss Earth pageant to see if the event itself is striving to be carbon neutral, but the site didn’t turn up any details of that sort. You would think that an event touting itself as a promoter for environmental issues would proudly proclaim all its green efforts.

First of all, what they need to do is make sure that their delegates arrive in the host country in a relatively eco-friendly manner. With the women coming from all over the world, flying’s naturally the way to go, so the pageant organizers could at least make sure that the flights are being offset. Ditto goes for any personal appearances they will be making.

It would also be nice to see the candidates riding in solar-powered vehicles, or ones that run on biofuels. Even nicer would be to have them on bikes; that would make a really strong statement, although I’m sure it will be hell on their hairstyles and makeup.

And speaking of makeup, it would also be good to have them wear organic makeup that wasn’t tested on animals. Same goes for their clothes, gowns, and swimsuits, which should be made of eco-friendly textiles and dyes and should be cruelty-free.

I’m sure making such changes can be very challenging for the pageant, but I think it would be worth it to see them living up to the causes they espouse.

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