Make that Call!

From Anna Aurilio:

“The U.S. Senate has stalled on President Obama’s major priorities, including repowering America with clean energy and stopping global warming. We know there’s no time to waste, so we’re organizing a nationwide effort to tell the Senate to act now.

Today, we are joining with dozens of organizations to call on the U.S. Senate to pass clean energy and global warming legislation that will jumpstart our economy, foster innovation in new, cleaner technologies, and create millions of jobs — all while protecting our environment.
Please click here to tell your senators to pass clean energy and global warming legislation now.

We want to flood Capitol Hill phone lines for 72 hours, from March 2 through March 4, with calls from thousands of clean energy supporters across the country. Please click on the link below and call today.

We want our senators to hear from people from all walks of life — from moms and dads who understand that wind and solar power mean less pollution and a more secure future for their kids; veterans who want to reduce our nation’s dependence on oil; farmers, hunters and anglers who are concerned about the effects of global warming on our land and waters; entrepreneurs and workers who understand that clean energy can help jumpstart our economy and create millions of new jobs.

I’ve seen the oil and coal industry lobbyists swarming Capitol Hill in recent weeks. I know your senators are hearing from them on this issue. Now they need to hear from you.”

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