Lusting after e-book readers

I lost most of my clothes, things, and books in a fire at our house last year, and when Typhoon Ondoy/Ketsana swept through the Philippines on September 26, many houses were swallowed up by floods, and I know quite a few people who were affected, with most of their belongings ruined by floodwaters–and those belongings definitely include their books, too.

So that why I’ve been eyeing e-book readers like crazy these days. E-book readers would not only make it easy to stash your whole library in one slim gadget, it would also make it easy for people to flee their houses in the event of an emergency or calamity. I figured e-book readers have to be fairly green as well; sure it’s an electronic gadget, but you certainly don’t need to buy actual books anymore since you can access the digital version; less waste, less use of paper? Now if someone can tell me if the amount of energy used to charge an e-reader or the materials used to construct each one will be a problem.

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