Let your red day be green!

Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day! In case you’re still grappling on how to make your Valentine’s Day green, here are some ideas:

Use e-cards. Why use paper greeting cards when e-cards abound on the internet? Schedule an e-card per hour, if you want. It can be done!

Dinner. Use candles. Dinner by candlelight – not only romantic, but a definite energy saver! Take out your special china and use them. Do not use plastic cups and paper plates please!

Flowers. A bouquet is always sweet, but to be eco-friendly, how about buying 3 roses tied with a nice ribbon? If you can get it from your local farmer’s market, all the better. To the creatively-inclined, make paper roses. You can include poems and love thoughts in each “rose”.

Chocolates. Organic, of course.

Champagne or sparkling wine. Go to your local vineyard for these fine babies.

Home-cooked meal for two. Head out into your local farmer’s market and buy organic produce. Then start cooking!

Jewelry. Vintage, antique…now that’s jewelry-giving the green way.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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