Let your 4th of July be red, white, blue…and green!

According to Wikipedia‘s entry on Independence Day:

“Families often celebrate Independence Day with a picnic or barbecue, and take advantage of the day off and in some years, long weekend to gather with relatives. Decorations (e.g., streamers, balloons, and clothing) are generally colored red, white, and blue, the colors of the American flag. Parades often are in the morning, while fireworks displays occur in the evening at such places as parks, fairgrounds, or town squares.”

I also wrote “Perfect time for cookouts, picnics and barbecue“, while my sister Lani wrote about toxic fireworks before. In addition, if you’re thinking of hosting a 4th of July picnic or barbeque while being green, here are some tips you can consider:

  • Send out e-vites for your 4th of July celebration.
  • Buy organic produce and organic meat.
  • Use cloth napkins. Wash and reuse after your party.
  • Use your casual dinnerware.
  • Use flowers and plants as party decorations.
  • Set up a recycling bin.
  • Use an electric grill, instead of a charcoal grill.
  • Watch the fireworks display in your town or nearby city, instead of having your own backyard fireworks.
  • Lastly, pack the leftovers and give to your guests.


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