KITT is green!

Those who are familiar with the “Knight Rider” would, of course, know KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand). NBC recently showed a two-hour movie of “Knight Rider” that showed a more modern KITT. Now KITT stands for Knight Industries Three Thousand.

I admit, KITT is not real. But come on, isn’t it just fun that he’s green now? Here’s an excerpt from‘s interview with Justin Bruening (“Mike Traceur”) and executive producer David Bartis.

“CS: Was there any attempt to make this a “green” car? Is the new KITT a hybrid?

Bartis: The new KITT is incredibly efficient. Yes, it is a hybrid in some new ways. You’ll see it incorporate solar energy and technology that we could create because it is a TV show. There are some cool new technologies we have applied; it is a highly efficient vehicle.”

Even KITT’s changing with the times! To see the complete text, click here.

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