Kind Toys

Parents these days are more concerned about the type of products and food they’re getting their kids. These must be wholesome, healthful, and should pose no risk to their children. Toys in particular are undergoing scrutiny, with parents rejecting them if they’re not 100% kid- and environment-friendly. But not every toy manufacturer is jumping on board the green bandwagon yet, so sometimes, a parent takes it upon his or herself to find, produce, or sell green toys and games for children.

Kind Toys, for example, was started by a parent who experienced

“frustration at trying to find eco friendly toys and green games for my son. I wanted green gifts that looked good, felt good and had no batteries… but were still fun to play with.”

And so Kind Toys was born, and is currently an online store carrying green toys from different brands, such as Solar Science, Green Lullaby, and Bioviva.

It would be nice to get a closer look at the people behind the company, so it’s best to keep an eye on how Kind Toys will develop in the future.

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