Kate Hudson to release eco-friendly hair products

Admit it, we all love ripping into celebrities every time they do something good and green, assuming that they’re a bunch of attention-seeking hypocrites who just pay lip service to the environment in order to pump up their images and add more green to their wallets. Whether or not they’re doing it out of a sincere desire to protect the environment and get more people involved, however, it’s still interesting to hear about their latest projects.

Kate Hudson is the latest Hollywood celeb to get into the green scene. She has recently announced an upcoming hair product line she is developing with her hairstylist David Babaii. The products are said to be cruelty-free, paraben-free, and made from Earth-friendly products–they were even tested on Kate’s hair! Once launched, the eco-haircare line will be distributed in bottles made from 10% recycled plastic, with part of the proceeds from the sale of each product to be donated to WildAid.

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