I was checking out Inquirer‘s blog network and stumbled on one called Being Filipino. The writer posted a lengthy piece that talks about the things she misses about the Philippines and the first item is particularly noteworthy.

15. TAKING a taxi out of the supermarket — First of all, taking a taxi is very expensive (more about public transport later), but what I really miss is having an attendant actually carry the stuff out, wait with you as you enter the taxi line, and load up the goods. That kind of service doesn’t exist here. Heck, they don’t even give you free shopping bags at the supermarket: You have to bring your own, or they charge you for each one you take.

It is extremely easy to be spoiled in the Philippines this way, but that’s not the point. Note the free shopping bags bit; “free shopping bags” in the Philippines are always, always plastic bags. The author should feel quite lucky that she now resides in a country with concern for the environment and has supermarkets that take an active part in reducing plastic waste.

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