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Best Buy has always had an electronics recycling program, but I was pleased when I saw that they not only accept CD, DVDs, ink cartridges, rechargeable batteries, cell phones, CDs, PDAs/smart phones but gift cards at their recycling kiosks in-store. GIFT CARDS! I remember using up the balance on a gift card at a store which shall remain unnamed. I was giving the cashier the old card and they said they don’t take it back. I incredulously asked if they don’t recycle their gift cards and she said no.

I picked up a set of photo prints at Walgreens the other day, and saw a sign that they refill printer ink cartridges. The Philippines has always had such services, but this was the first one I saw here in the U. S. $10 for black ink, and $15 for color. So kudos to Walgreens. (Not available for Canon and Epson printers.)

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