The Growroom

IKEA’s Space10 teams up with architects to design an indoor food-growing garden

Urbanization was once a major goal of many cities around the world–until everyone saw the havoc that it wreaks on the environment and how dense and crowded urban areas become. And then there’s the fact that resources become pretty scarce in cities, leaving urban dwellers reliant on far-flung rural agricultural areas for food. Living green and bringing nature back to cities are now the key goals, and different cities and organizations are now working to figure out how best to create a more sustainable way of life.

IKEA’s Space10 recently collaborated with architects Sine Lindholm and Mads-Ulrik Husum to create The Growroom, an indoor garden designed to have the capacity to grow enough food to feed a neighborhood. The Growroom is a multi-tiered structure that actually doesn’t take up too much space, which means that it not only helps people grow food locally, but it also takes into consideration the space constraints in many residential buildings in cities.

The best part about The Growroom is that you can build it yourself. The design is open source, and the instructions are available here, while the cutting files can be downloaded here.

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