Hurray to Virgin Atlantic and biofuels!

I stumbled upon this bit of good news (“Virgin Flies Biofueled Jet From London”) from our airline industry. Kudos to Virgin Atlantic!

Here’s hoping other airlines will follow suit.

The second paragraph of the article (see below) was just a bit annoying to read:

Some analysts praised the jumbo jet test flight from London to Amsterdam as a potentially useful experiment. But others criticized it as a publicity stunt and noted scientists are questioning the environmental benefits of biofuels.

Considering the other silly “studies” out there the results of which are already self-evident and proven through the years, this is not bad at all. To those who criticize it as a publicity stunt, well, of course it’s also that. But for a publicity stunt, at least it aims to do good, unlike other publicity stunts. As for the noted scientists, good for you for questioning the benefits. I do hope you’ll use that as a take-off point for further studies on biofuels.

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