How about a trip to Tennessee’s Montgomery Bell State Park?

I ran into this link about eight new eco-friendly villas in Tennessee’s Montgomery Bell State Park and showed my sister. We immediately agreed that we had no interest in going to rural Tennessee, but changed our minds when we saw what the villas look like.

Does that look like a villa for a state park to you? That’s absolutely gorgeous, and green too.

The largest innovation is the geothermal system that includes a 450-foot well at each villa to take advantage of the year-round stable temperatures underground.

The system will result in 40 to 60 percent less energy being used for heating and cooling, which reduces pollution and costs, the announcement said. Also, it will provide hot water in summer for free.

Compact fluorescent light bulbs and outdoor furniture made from recycled plastic are part of the other green touches.

And these are just the first of green villas being built in Tennessee’s state parks.

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