Hot yoga fashion

And by that, I mean “fashion for hot yoga,” not “hot outfits for doing yoga,” although that’d work too. Hot yoga or Bikram yoga is growing more and more popular lately, and I actually started taking classes late last month. I’m not too keen on the founder’s lawsuit-happy ways, but I do love the yoga itself. My back pain disappeared, for one thing.

Anyway, during my first few classes, I would go in wearing a small shirt and long sweatpants, though people are generally advised to wear as little clothing as possible because heavy clothing + buckets of sweat = not good. Lately, however, I’ve taken to wearing knee-length pants and sports bra because a completely sweaty shirt is far from comfortable, so I’ve been on the lookout for more hot yoga-appropriate clothing. I haven’t had any luck in that arena, but I have found this interesting article entitled What to Wear to Hot Yoga, which talks about eco-friendly yoga apparel, which uses fabrics such as bamboo, hemp, and soy. It would be great if these were more widely available, and hopefully, at an affordable price, too.

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