Hands Across the Sand

From Earth Day Network:

“Yesterday afternoon, a Louisiana judge overruled President Obama’s suspension of offshore drilling. This decision leaves Big Oil free to resume operations off the Louisiana coast, despite the obvious risks.

It’s more clear than ever before: offshore drilling will continue to expand unless we keep the pressure on government leaders and the oil industry. This Saturday, we have a chance to focus the world’s attention on this crucial issue through a massive coordinated action: Hands Across The Sand.

On June 26th At 11 AM, tens of thousands of individuals will head to nearby beaches to join hands in a massive demonstration of support for clean energy. With enough supporters, these simple events will make a powerful statement the world cannot ignore – please join us and draw a metaphorical line in the sand against offshore drilling

Find and attend a Hands Across The Sand event near you

We hope to make Hands Across The Sand the largest demonstration against offshore drilling in history, but we need your help to reach this goal. Please take a few moments to find an event near you. You don’t even need to live near a beach – use the event-finder to choose a local solidarity event.

Can’t find a nearby Hands Across the Sand event? Step up and organize one for your community – we’ll connect you with local organizers to take your demonstration to the next level.

Hold a Hands Across The Sand event in your community

Thanks for everything you do. We hope to see you at the beach this Saturday!

Kathleen Rogers
President, Earth Day Network

PS, don’t forget to show your support by wearing an Earth Day Network t-shirt to the beach.”

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