GreenSchools Philippines

Dr. Merle Tan of UP NISMED best sums up how schools should approach environmental matters, and also has some interesting ideas on setting up green schools.

Greening Schools…

… is NOT just about planting trees
… is NOT just about improving waste disposal techniques
… is NOT just about keeping rivers, lakes, and seas clean and safe for humans and other organisms
… is NOT just about keeping the air clean
… is NOT just about protecting watersheds
… is NOT just about using energy resources wisely
… is NOT just about finding technologies that are more energy efficient

It is about ALL of the ABOVE and MORE.

Greening Schools and Communities…

… is also about obeying ecological principles, using indigenous and local knowledge, practicing critical thinking and problems solving skills

… is also about raising levels of economy through sustainable consumption, maintaining peace and observing human rights, practicing good governance and citizenship, and improving human health and the environment.

It is an integrated and holistic program aligned with the UN ESD International Implementation Scheme.

– Dr. Merle C. Tan, “Greening Schools and Communities: The Challenges”

Check out the Yahoo! Group of Green Schools Philippines here and sign up to be a part of it as well! Link via GreenPhils.

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