Green restaurant alert: Ashmont Grill in Dorchester, Massachusetts

Ashmont Grill opened in 2005, and this year, the restaurant has already received recognition for its green efforts. Owner Chris Douglass was able to use sheet metal gathered from dumpsters and had it turned into cool decor and fixtures for the restaurant. And apart from that,

Only locally grown produce is used at the restaurant, and used grease from the kitchen is sold to a vendor who filters it into fuel for biodiesel vehicles. Typically, restaurateurs must pay to have their kitchen grease picked up.

This should be encouraging news for all restaurants thinking of going green…and also for people hoping to make greener eating choices! It’s true that we can all be more eco-friendly by just preparing food at home, but when circumstances call for having meals in restaurants, you might as well go for a restaurant that cares for the environment.

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