Green renovations with Green Demolitions

With the holidays coming up, most of us are looking for ways to decorate our homes.

If you are looking to do more than decorate and thinking of embarking on your own home improvement projects before the holidays are upon us, check out Green Demolitions. According to their website:

“Green Demolitions sells luxury commercial surplus and donated kitchens, appliances, bathroom fixtures, home decor, etc. from houses being demolished and renovated in Greenwich and New Canaan, CT, Scarsdale and Bedford, NY, and beyond.”

They have stores in Norwalk, CT, Riverdale, NJ, and Honesdale, PA.

Bathroom and kitchen renovations cost so much, especially more so when you want to remain eco-friendly. I’d like to get green materials, but recycling and reusing materials are ways to stay green anyway. I’ll visit their Norwalk store soon to check out their inventory.

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