Green plane to fly from the UK to Australia in five hours

This came under my radar a little late, but that doesn’t make this bit of news any less interesting!

A hypersonic jet designed in Britain is currently being conceptualized, and is being touted as a super-fast way for passengers to fly from the UK to Australia in five hours or less. It’s to be fueled by liquid hydrogen, which unfortunately unleashes byproducts more harmful than the dreaded carbon dioxide.

There is also concern that producing the liquid hydrogen could prove to be more environmentally damaging than Reaction Engines believes. And there are fears that because the plane would fly at around the height of the ozone layer it could cause damage to the atmosphere.

Fortunately, it’s still in the planning stage and much thought is being given to how eco-friendly details could be added to the plane. Reaction Engines is also presently researching methods on capturing NOX emissions.

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