Green noise

Today, The New York Times came out with an article about “green noise,” or environment information overload. It looks like a little knowledge is a dangerous thing after all. With all the information and tips coming out about living an eco-friendly life, people are still finding it harder than ever to do so, particularly because they don’t know which tips are real or which products are greener than others.

In the early days of the reemerging green movement, the ideas were at least straightforward and simple: recycle, print on both sides of papers, turn off electrical appliances when not in use, use public transportation, and so on. These days, every single aspect of one’s lifestyle must be carefully scrutinized to ensure utmost greenness. Being aware is definitely good, but not to the point wherein all the options paralyze you into inaction and, eventually, exasperation.

I say tune out the green noise for a while and start doing greener things that are easier for you. Don’t jump into buying a biodiesel-fueled vehicle or a hybrid if you’re not sure about all the facts yet; stick with your old vehicle, but make a conscious effort to reduce vehicle use. Introduce locally grown organic produce and meats into your kitchen. Reduce energy use. It can be as simple as those steps, and you don’t necessarily need to overhaul your entire home in one go to be greener.

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