Green middle school being built in Vero Beach

Would you have wanted to go to a middle school that has been built green inside and out, and has facilities in place to make sure that everything is eco-friendly? I personally think that would be really amazing, plus it’s enough to give you a sense of pride in your school.

The North County Middle School in Vero Beach, Florida is currently being constructed and, once completed, with meet the gold LEED standard.

Apart from energy-efficient lighting, air quality control, and recycling programs, the school also flaunts several features.

The facility will also feature low volatile organic compounds, natural lighting for 90 percent of the space; clerestory windows in media, dining, band and the gymnasium; recycled building materials including furniture; high-efficiency lighting; high-efficiency chilled water heating and cooling system; low-flow water fixtures; automatic day-lighting sensors for interior lighting; “rainwater harvesting system” for irrigation; and solar panels.

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