Green-living tenants to be evicted from UK home

I remember an episode of Garfield and Friends back when I was a kid when Jon Arbuckle tried to fight rising food prices by growing his own vegetables in his backyard. These days, we’re all thinking of having small vegetable plots in our own backyards, not just to deal with high food prices, but so we could eat more healthful, organically grown food that don’t have to travel a great distance to get to our plates.

In a UK neighborhood, however, a family may just be turned out of their home because of their garden.

They currently have 25 chickens that eat the family’s garden and kitchen waste, provide the manure for the garden and fruit and vegetable patch and lay eggs.

It’s unfortunate that they should be penalized for attempting to save money and eat organic, but…having 25 chickens sounds a bit much to me. Still, here’s hoping for a good, solid compromise on the situation.

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